Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM Consulting Services

ERP and CRM consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics provide you with the support, training and guidance you require when selecting, implementing and maintaining Dynamics 365, AX, CRM and NAV.

Here are 4 key reasons why you should consider using solution implementation and management services for Microsoft Dynamics.

1.  Save time and avoid using important in-house resources

With the demands on your people’s time increasing at a rapid rate, you need to be aware of the commitment on time and resources that an ERP and/or CRM implementation will consume.

The primary role of any Dynamics consultant is to assist with a smooth transition from your legacy system to the new one. You need to weigh up how much time and important in-house resources the project will consume, versus having consultant(s) do the work for you.

2.  Consultants can manage some or all of the process

Consultants can help you at any stage of the Dynamics implementation process, and help you determine where you need help. Some stages may be easy for the company to handle in-house, or you may have already identified your needs and the required work.

A consulting services partner can do everything.

It is the job of consultants to understand your unique business requirements and find suitable solutions for those needs. However, they can also provide valuable services for development, implementation, training, support and on-going system management.

3.  Your needs may be unique to your business – you might want custom solutions

Only need to replace a component of Dynamics? For example, you may need an integration such as a more robust pricing engine.

A consulting services partner can help identify the right solutions and implement it for you. This is why, when selecting a Dynamics partner, it is important that they have a proven track record with other customers in the same industry as you.

4.  Experts with years of Dynamics expertise – knowledge is power

Understand that a Dynamics consultant is there as an adviser. A good consultant will have years of industry knowledge and Dynamics implementation experience to ensure successful project completion. Your consulting services partner is there to listen to your needs and provide the proper support.

Q: So why should you use consulting services?

A: To ensure that your Dynamics implementation or upgrade runs smoothly, and that you can continue to run your business as usual.

ERP and/or CRM consulting services support business success and innovation, using the expertise and knowledge of unique solutions for your business needs.