Molycop Turns To Flintech To Implement Dynamics 365 In Record Time

Industry : Manufacturing and Distribution

Country : United States, Canada, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia, Spain and Australia

Platform : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Microsoft Power BI


Molycop is the largest and most experienced supplier of mining consumables and associated services worldwide, with 12 locations across Chile, Peru, Mexico, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Spain and Australia. Today, it is widely recognized as the industry-leader in grinding media, mining chemicals and rail consumables. 

The Challenge

Molycop was struggling with its service provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Escalating application failures and outages were causing major business impacts—from the executive team to the shop floor. 

Molycop needed a partner that could provide a system-wide implementation and expert, round-the-clock support. Someone that could step up, implement, and run Microsoft 365 like the back of their hand. 

Enter Flintech.

The Flintech Solution

From the moment Molycop partnered with Flintech, processes began to improve. Stabilizing operations across a short space of time, Flintech was able to provide previously inaccessible remote working solutions amid the pandemic. Clear reporting and data visualizations were also made available, as well as efficient deployment processes and third-party integration to dramatically enhance inventory management. 

The results? Molycop has lowered system support costs significantly, reduced its accounts receivable collections from a 90-day turnaround to an average of less than 45 days and has reduced carrying costs for inventory by more than 20%. 

But, perhaps most importantly, Molycop now has peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that they are in the hands of a gold-certified systems integrator of Microsoft Dynamics 365. No more unexplained outages. No more poor support.  


  • Substantial annual savings since partnering with Flintech
  • Reduced carrying costs for inventory by more than 20%
  • Reduced accounts receivable collections from a 90-day turnaround to an average of less than 45 days 
  • Significantly reduced accounts receivable turns and inventory carrying costs have meant a 4-5% gain in available cash

The Flintech team took immediate control and quickly tackled problems that had been plaguing us since go live. We saw an almost immediate improvement. They know what they’re doing and they’re easy to work with.


Industry Expertise

With over 30 years experience digitally transforming Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution – you can rest assured you are in a safe pair of hands with Flintech.  We pride ourselves on understanding the industry nuances, and making recommendations we know will give you the ability to thrive no matter what comes your way.


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