Digital Transformation & IT Strategy

Feeling intimidated by the enormity of digital transformation? With Flintech by your side, it becomes simple.

Real solutions. Real people. Real results.

Flintech is your trusted partner for digital transformation. By breaking it down, applying our 30+ years of experience and world-class capability, and just getting it done – on time and on budget – we take the stress out of the process.

We create a technology roadmap and IT strategy in partnership to meet your organization’s technology needs now – and into the future.


Utilizing our unique methodology to identify what you need and how to get there. We start with strategy and planning, working closely with you to understand your challenges and mapping the solutions to solve them.

Our team of seasoned professionals has you covered so you can focus on your business without the worry of having to look after your technical infrastructure.

Business Value Assessments

A business value assessment (BVU) will help you understand how a solution will best meet the needs of your organization now – and into the future. Co-funded by Microsoft, the service involves Flintech helping you create a business case for the project, by assessing the value the solution will add to the business. The assessment process involves goal setting, evaluating costs and benefits, and establishing a roadmap.

Catalyst Envisioning

Accelerate the envisioning and planning process for your business transformation projects with the innovative approach from Microsoft Catalyst. Utilizing Catalyst Envisioning, Flintech can help you build, plan, and execute your business transformation strategies which leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Power Platform, and the Microsoft Cloud. The approach focuses on ideation and strategy, building a business case, getting buy-in, and execution and measurement.

CIO JumpStart Consultation

From identifying IT solutions to solve business problems, getting buy-in across the organization or building a business case, to managing budgetary and resource constraints or educating decision makers on technology, the role of CIO involves several challenges. We understand these challenges completely because our team has actual CIO experience. Our CIO JumpStart Consultation gives you an opportunity to speak CIO to CIO about your challenges and get advice on how to solve them.

Rescue missions

If you have a Microsoft implementation with another provider which has gone south, we can fix it! Our famous “rescue missions” have helped countless organizations get implementations back on track, delivered on time and on budget.

intelligent pricing experts

Pricing is the most important lever you have to deliver profitability. Without intelligent pricing you’re likely leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

The Flintech team have a deep understanding of pricing, backed by over 30 years of experience. We can deliver you unrivaled visibility across every aspect of your pricing so you can find the magic in your margins with our partner intelligent pricing platform, Flintfox. Automate your rebates, claims, payments and deductions, reducing manual error to zero. Identify leakage and gain real-time margin visibility.

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Industry Expertise

With over 30 years experience digitally transforming Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution – you can rest assured you are in a safe pair of hands with Flintech.  We pride ourselves on understanding the industry nuances, and making recommendations we know will give you the ability to thrive no matter what comes your way.


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