Flintech launches Customer Issue Resolution and Tracking Power App for retailers

Experience the benefits of PowerApps firsthand with our Retail Customer Issue Resolution and Tracking Power App, FREE for 45 days.

As Microsoft Gold Partner and systems integrator, Flintech is pleased to announce the launch of a new Power App for retailers, to manage and track customer issues and enhance service levels.

This App will help resolve customer-reported issues more efficiently and maintain compliance to customer service policies and the Consumer Bill of Rights.

How does it work?

When a consumer reports an issue, it is entered into the app, and store management and central users are notified. Store Managers can use the app to record incidents and take action to respond to the customer.

There are different workflows to direct issues to the proper store or department and escalate the issue if required. Notifications alert users to new issues, when an issue is assigned and resolved, and timed notifications will flag if an issue has not been progressed within a set timeframe.

Users can search issues by case ID, title or name, and simple reporting through Power BI enables users to track metrics to identify trends and implement preventative changes.

What’s the benefit?

Retailers can now track and analyse all issues, leading to faster resolution, improved customer satisfaction and longer-term issue prevention.

This application shows the potential of PowerApps to democratise data and deliver solutions to real-world business challenges simply and quickly.

The Flintech Customer Issue Resolution and Tracking Power App has already been deployed by a major department store chain which is using it to empower store colleagues to tackle and resolve any customer issues that arise. Issues were historically managed at store level, with little central visibility of common issues or whether cases were being successfully resolved.

How do I access the free trial?

Flintech is inviting other retailers to trial the Customer Issue Resolution and Tracking app free for 45 days to experience firsthand the benefits of PowerApps, streamlining data into a single location to solve business challenges and make incremental progress towards wider digital transformation.

To take advantage of this free trial, please click HERE.