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Flintech understands the context in which your business operates. We have deep industry knowledge and experience, including across several micro verticals.


Retailers are under unique pressure to deliver an elevated and seamless shopper experience, both online and offline. Flintech understands what retailers need from digital transformation and have extensive experience helping retailers make their goals a reality.

From online retail, agriculture and sporting goods, to jewelry and musical instruments – Flintech has a breadth of experience working with retailers including Very Group, PGG Wrightson, Guitar Center, Citizen and Chrome Hearts.


Resilient supply chains, agile factories and interconnected people and processes are all essential elements for true innovation in manufacturing. With Flintech as your guide, you can build the foundations for innovation and growth.

From electronic component, fuel pump and furniture manufacturing, to medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, Flintech has deep experience working with manufacturers including Brightstar, Bel Fuse, Gilbarco, Hillsdale, Sarnova and Cooper.

Wholesale distribution

With increasing complexities in wholesale and distribution thanks to supply chain disruptions, inventory shortages and higher expectations around order fulfillment, it’s never been more important for distributors and wholesalers to innovate and adapt. Flintech is your trusted partner in tackling these challenges head on.

From machinery and equipment, chemical products and building products, to grocery, paper products, office supplies, and alcohol wholesale and distribution, Flintech has extensive experience working with wholesalers and distributors including Mapei, Spring Window Fashions, PFG/Afflink, Nicholas, W.B. Mason, Penn Jersey, Innovative, The Supply Room, Opici Wines, Breakthru Bev, Euro Vintage, Major Brands and Chateau Ste. Michelle.

Consumer goods

Consumer goods companies are facing a breadth of challenges including supply chain disruptions, shifting consumer expectations and spending habits, and order fulfillment complexity. Flintech understands exactly what your business is facing and will work with you to take on every challenge.

From grocery, paper products, office supplies and alcohol, to jewelry, musical instruments, and lawn and garden equipment, Flintech has worked with countless consumer goods companies including PFG/Afflink, Nicholas, W.B. Mason, Penn Jersey, Innovative, The Supply Room, Breakthru Bev, Major Brands, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Guitar Center, Citizen , Chrome Hearts and Site One .

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Industry Expertise

With over 30 years experience digitally transforming Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution – you can rest assured you are in a safe pair of hands with Flintech.  We pride ourselves on understanding the industry nuances, and making recommendations we know will give you the ability to thrive no matter what comes your way.


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