Microsoft industry clouds

Integrated business solutions tailor made to meet the specific demands of your industry. Accelerate time to value, speed up innovation and drive benefits for your customers, employees and organization.

reimagine your organization

Every industry has an entirely unique set of challenges and opportunities. To deliver true innovation, it requires a tailored industry-specific response.

Microsoft Industry Clouds offer industry-specific configurations of Microsoft applications, backed by tailored technical support and access to the relevant industry partner ecosystem.

Through a holistic and tailored suite of solutions for your industry, Microsoft Industry Clouds accelerate time to value, speed up innovation and drive benefits for your customers, employees and organization.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Cloud implementation specialists, Flintech is your guide when it comes to making the most of Microsoft Industry Clouds.

microsoft cloud for retail

Create a seamless shopper experience with Microsoft Cloud for Retail. With a focus on maximizing the value of your data, elevating the shopper experience, building a real-time and sustainable supply chain, and empowering store associates, Microsoft delivers a truly end-to-end suite of solutions for the retailer. Flintech is your trusted Microsoft Cloud for Retail SI (System Integrator) helping you leverage Microsoft Cloud for Retail and maximizing its value.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Designed to deliver capabilities that help securely connect people, assets, workflows and business processes, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing empowers organizations to be more resilient. The solutions work to build resilience into your supply chains, digitally empower your workforce, enable smarter, safer and more agile factories, and deliver innovation. As your Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing SI (System Integrator), Flintech will ensure you’re unlocking the full potential of the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing suite.

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Measuring and minimizing the environmental impact of an organization can be complex. It all starts with measurement. Does your organization have an accurate understanding of its carbon footprint? Resource usage? Carbon offsets? Is it being reported to stakeholders regularly? Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is designed to help companies measure, understand and take charge of their carbon emissions, set sustainability goals and take measurable action. As your Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability SI (System Integrator), Flintech can help you adopt and implement Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, to get you on the right path for setting and achieving sustainability goals.

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