Our picks from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Release

It’s that time. Microsoft has published its release plans for the new features, improvements, and capabilities across Dynamics 365 applications and Power Platform.

True to form Microsoft has focused on solving a lot of the challenges businesses have faced over the last two years, from supply chain distribution to headaches with inventory and financial management. 

Many of the enhancements will help our customers improve resilience and almost all will streamline operations, freeing up valuable resources.

Here’s what caught our eye…

Planning Optimization

With so much supply chain disruption impacting forecasting and planning for manufacturers and distributors, coupled with labor and warehousing shortages, this one features high on our radar.

Production planners can use Planning Optimization to get near real-time insights into requirement changes, ensuring that resources are not overbooked during master planning and that resource constraints trigger relevant delays in the supply chain. This gives manufacturers the agility to get ahead of issues and communicate with any affected customers or suppliers.

Globalization Studio

Borderless business is creating huge opportunities but lots of companies are coming unstuck on tax requirements and compliance or simply spending too much time managing the process.

Globalization Studio is the new low-code tax compliance and globalization platform with out-of-the-box functionality for 44 countries and regions and scope to extend further. This content can be used as-is or easily extended by non-developers to meet bespoke requirements of more countries, states, cities, or industries.

Vendor invoice OCR

When it comes to improving and streamlining the finance function, invoice processing should be top of the list. Simpler, faster, and more accurate processing of vendor invoices will free up resources to focus on higher value work and avoid costly mistakes. Enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities will do just that. The out-of-the-box OCR solution reduces the labor required for data entry and helps reduce errors that can occur when tasks are completed manually. Users can set customizable rules, giving total flexibility.

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If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user and want to see what these or any of the other new features could do to enhance your operation, talk to our Managed Services team.