Our top four highlights from Microsoft Inspire

Last month we got an early look at some of the new products coming down the line at Inspire. One of the main themes to come out of the two-day session, was a philosophy we can get behind: transitioning from digital resilience to perseverance. To us, this means looking at digital technologies not just as a fix but as tools to help businesses enhance and thrive.

Our highlights range from beautifully simple innovations that democratize digital transformation, to a concept that’s out of this world.

Digital Contact Center

The contact center is overdue for some love and Microsoft is letting you do it in a way that doesn’t require an expensive soup-to-nuts overhaul.

The Digital Contact Center resolves issues faster and better as well as arming agents with tools to upsell and build brand loyalty.

As well as using advanced AI for improved self-service, the platform enhances live experiences by integrating with Dynamics 365 and Teams giving agents the ability to access information from across the business and connect to anyone, enabling them to resolve issues more effectively.

It also supports the use of richer content, like video, for omnichannel customer service via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Viva Sales

Viva sales is a new seller experience application, that takes the time-consuming work out of Customer Experience. It captures, accesses, and registers data into any CE system, allowing salespeople to cut out form filling and focus on relationship building.

Instead of jumping in and out of apps and databases, salespeople can do everything in one place: calls, meetings, chats, and data recording. 

Working like a sales coach, Viva sales also provides AI-driven follow-through suggestions and reminders designed to close the sale.

Fusion Teams with Power Platform

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of new applications deployed for the enterprise will use low-code or no-code tools. At Inspire Microsoft bought Power Platform to the fore and highlighted its potential to make incremental digital changes with real business impact, by bringing together business users with developers.

The best innovations are not created in a silo and they’re not tech for tech’s sake. We’ve been banging this drum for a while now and want to help more customers solve real-world business problems, with smart and cost-effective solutions leveraging the capabilities of Power Platform and Power Apps. Take a look at one of our examples for the retail sector.

Last but not least…the industrial metaverse

Still wondering what the Metaverse means for you? Microsoft has given us a version that you’ll be able to wrap your head around. At Inspire we saw Coca-Cola Austria using this technology to address global supply chain issues and sustainability. The two businesses created a manufacturing digital twin trial in just 12 weeks which gave a full view of production lines and allowed the business to model potential impacts.

Integrating with Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces in a manufacturing setting could mean seeing the potential impact of supply changes or detecting inefficiencies. In retail, it could be used to analyze shop floor traffic, patterns, and store performance.

The industrial metaverse has huge potential to transform the way businesses plan, enhance operations and troubleshoot.

As a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner and Inner Circle member, Flintech designs and implements digital solutions to meet customers’ business goals today and in the future. Our team of experts have firsthand experience in retail, FMCG, manufacturing, and distribution and understand the needs and nuances of each industry.

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