What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance?

If you have spent years piecing together different pieces of software to fill gaps and manage business growth, you’re not alone. In today’s digital world, businesses in every industry are searching for ways to secure and expand by adapting the processes used for business operations through digital transformation.

You need a solution that not only reconnects all the areas of your business together, but one that you can add to in the future so that you don’t end up right back where you started. When we took a look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, we got really excited.

Microsoft Dynamics Finance enables you to maximize financial visibility and profitability through sophisticated financial reporting, embedded analytics, and AI-driven insights. 

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Here are the top 10 features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance:  

1.  It gives your business more opportunities to grow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance offers affordable scalability for your business, it will grow with your business. With AppSource, you can also add to the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 without worrying about how it will impact the upgrade path.

2.  Helps remove barriers to international growth

As a cloud-based solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance can help you grow your global solution for managing operations in new geographies. You can share the same data, business rules and processes to complement and streamline business practices regardless of location. 

3.  More intelligence

The Cortana Intelligence suite means retailers can now up-sell and cross-sell with product recommendations based on similar products in a customer’s shopping cart or past product purchases.

4.  Architecture united

Using Azure as its unifying architecture, business processes across all applications are integrated on a Common Data Model.

5.  You’re number 1 in the queue

With a network of partners and Microsoft Dynamics 365 support centers across several countries, this can give you peace of mind that service and help are available at any point in time. There are also hundreds of certified Microsoft Partners who make the implementation and service easier.

6.  Drive business impact

Improve the productivity of your business and reduce operating costs using solutions that work together, offering engaging and familiar technology.

7.  Irresistibly simple

Merging multiple disconnected systems will ensure that complexity is low and systems are easy to maintain.  

8.  Upgrading made easy

If you’re already using Microsoft Dynamics AX or CRM online, upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a breeze.

For on premise, you have the option to deploy in your own data centers, while enjoying the intelligence and flexibility enabled by the cloud.

9.  Faster deployment

With its online provision, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance gives you the option to avoid the whole scoping project with your IT team to purchase servers, reserve rack space, and install the software. While it doesn’t reduce other necessary on-boarding work such as data migration, it gets you to that point much faster.

10.  Doesn’t cost an arm or a leg

The cost of licensing is far more flexible which means it has the potential to be much cheaper. Since it is a monthly subscription, scaling up and down with need is as simple as turning on new licenses during high-demand months, and turning them back off.

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance with Flintech

Flintech is a long-time Microsoft Gold Partner. Our expert staff have plenty of experience helping businesses upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance on time, on budget and with minimal disruption. 

Final takeaway

If you’re after a cloud-based financial-management solution that’s easy to use, reassuringly secure and integrates with not just other Microsoft products, but also those provided by major tech players such as Adobe and LinkedIn, you can do no better than Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.  

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