What’s next for the Microsoft Power Platform? 

For anyone who’s new to Power Apps from Microsoft, the concept is simple: rapid-build, low-code apps which easily connect with the Microsoft ecosystem. The Power Apps principle is that anyone can solve problems with technology or make their idea a reality. Digital democracy at its best.  

There’s still a perception that any new digital solution has to be a major and expensive project, and it can only be driven by the CIO or their team. Power Apps close the gap between tech teams and business functions by making digital solutions or ideas accessible and affordable.  

Take our Customer Issue Resolution Power App. When a major US department store came to us because they were concerned customer issues were falling through the net, Power Apps seemed like the perfect solution. In just days they had a new, centralised and automated process for handling customer issues. The app enables faster and more effective issue resolution, leading to happier customers ????.  

Momentum has been building around Power Apps for a while and it really came to life at Microsoft’s first ever Power Apps community conference. We saw examples of Power Apps from makers of all backgrounds and Microsoft used the event to announce some new features and programs, here’s a rundown of what’s on the horizon.  

  • Cards – Cards for Power Apps allows users to build visual, interactive, data-driven, and actionable micro-apps or ‘cards’. Cards can be shared with other people in Teams and Outlook with a customizable visual interface, think surveys or polls, as simple, useful applications  
  • Co-authoring – this will allow users to design and develop the app at the same time  
  • Enhanced SAP integrations – new ways to connect your SAP data to your Microsoft Power Platform solutions including two ready-to-roll Power Apps we’re into. Read more about those here 
  • Power Up Skilling program – a three-month guided learning course to help people from non tech backgrounds become low code developers 
  • Integrated Virtual agent to match makers – another feature to support the non-tech community, the agent connects new makers with other experienced makers who have the right skills and who are willing to lend advice  

To find out if a Power App could be the simple solution you need to tackle a niggling issue, rectify an inefficiency or plug a gap in your processes, get in touch to talk more.